Xbox GameStock Game Rankings

Up until the day of Microsoft’s Gamestock exhibition, almost any poll concerning the most anticipated Xbox game, would put Halo at the top of the list. But as they say in the sports world — “that’s why they play the game.” Or in this case — “that’s why they have the show”. Strangely enough, Halo… Continue Reading →

Making a Joke out of Hay Day – Farming Simulation

When Hay Day arrived in our offices, the editors chuckled as if they’d heard a good fart joke. The wits in the office quickly redubbed the game “Hay Die.” If a game seemed destined for badness, Hay Day was it. Who could love a game based on “farming” that’s best enjoyed in an alcoholic stupor?… Continue Reading →

Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight – The Combat That Was

Mai vs. Chun Li against a 2D background — maybe five years ago, that might have meant something. Today, it smacks of desperation. With the newest addition to the pantheon of paper-thin fighters, Capcom vs. SNK recycles 10-year-old 2D sprites, slaps on a whiz-bang user interface and regurgitates the antiquated mess directly into your television… Continue Reading →